Four steps to success

We provide knowledge, experience and service. The high competence of each of our employees together with continuous investment in technology and infrastructure make us ready for the most demanding challenges.
Our values are implemented directly into cooperation with the client – each project is unique to us and requires an individual approach. This also allows for the continuous development and acquiring new experience. We want to be a local leader in design, consultancy and contracting for global shipbuilding, steel construction and hydraulics.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. For us it is an idea. A thought which in hands of our engineers evolves, crystalize to finally reach realization stage.


Giving shape to ideas is the role of our constructors. This is analysis stage of technical solutions, predictions of possible constructional errors, changes or transformations.


The design takes a physical shape. This is the stage of forming, time of endurance and construction tests. This is the moment to make final decision about appearance.


The finished product is the final stage of the whole process. The implementation involves putting into technological processes, training personnel and full providing certification.


What we do

Design and manufacture of specialized equipment

We design and implement modern and cost-effective equipment. From single component to serial production program dedicated for shipbuilding, gas & oil or offshore installations.

Steel structures


We provide technical consulting, engineering projects and execution of steel structures. We also provide special order services, according to the individual needs of our contractors. Our customers are both domestic and foreign shipyards.

High-pressure hydraulics


We carry out projects in the field of high-pressure hydraulic systems. We manufacture and modernize hydraulic equipment according to their practical application. We provide comprehensive services at highest possible level for inspections, repair work and major projects.


Balt Military Expo 2018

The Baltic Military Fair (June 25-27, 2018) has come to an end. Apart from Pres-Kol from the Intermare program, over 140 exhibitors from 15 countries took part in the fair. The topics were focused on maritime safety, defense systems and rescue at sea and on land. The event was carried out in close cooperation with

Mast on the Munken ferry

May 28, Montex Shipyard launched a partially hulled modern hybrid ferry for the Norwegians, in which the Pres-Kol company was involved. She built two signal masts. The mast structure together with the base weighed about 5 tons each. It is interesting that this unit is a two-sided ferry built on the order of the carrier

Turntable conveyor turntable with a diameter of 3.2 m

On 29 March 2018, she left the production of Pres-Kol to the Gdynia waterfront, a professional rotary conveyor belt. This is the next big construction that will be mounted on the ship. The constructors and production department based on the Client’s guidelines ensured that it would be equipped with propellers, a rotating bearing, a hydraulic


Our partners